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Who We Are

Equatelier is a remote and flexible PA & lifestyle management service.

We provide you direct access to a personal assistant to help you with your day to day tasks.

No matter how large or small, our service is entirely bespoke to your needs!

Equatelier is your directory for recommendations, contacts and exclusive offers. 

 Our purpose is to help you save time and encourage you to lead a BALANCED lifestyle.

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Natasha Banks, who currently lives in West London, has over 10 years of valuable experience working for established firms across multiple sectors and focusing primarily on client services. Noticing a gap in the market for a service that provides a personal assistant on a flexible basis and with a passion for fitness and exploring new health initiatives, Equatelier was born. Having a reliable and trustworthy point of contact for all lifestyle needs is now a possibility.

Working long hours in a fast pace city or being a full-time parent can be rewarding but can also be challenging when trying to find time for yourself. Having a PA to help you through particularly busy times I believe is a necessity.

Not knowing where to look for trusted sources and recommendations can also be time consuming.

We live in an ever-evolving world with new brands and concepts arising every day - where do you start?! 

We provide a personalised approach that fits your daily life, not only helping you save time but encouraging healthy living." 

Founder and Managing Director


Better Living

The meaning of Equatelier is a combination of two words, equilibrium and atelier focusing on the balanced and bespoke elements of the service. 

Remote Personal Assistance, to help with the daily, bespoke requests that you may not have the time to do or have the knowledge for, and therefore require flexible access to a service for support. With significant experience in the hospitality and PA industries, Equatelier are in a unique position to understand what our clients want and need to go about their daily lives, ultimately all built on trust.

Balanced Living - As a client of Equatelier, you will be entitled to a range of health and wellness perks provided by relevant brand partners. This is to help you achieve your health goals and receive rewards as a client.

It is our job to ensure clients of Equatelier receive the best service possible with preferential rates and offers. 



Tailored Solutions For You

The service is designed to be flexible around the client interests and requirements. From ad-hoc support to regular assistance, Equatelier will find the perfect service package for you.