Internal teams receive remote access to Equatelier’s PA & lifestyle management service and have access to a range of health and wellness offers tailored to your business needs. Typically seen as a “work perk”, Equatelier helps colleagues save time by passing on their personal errands so they can focus on their important business tasks at hand.


Loyal customers of businesses receive remote access to Equatelier's PA & lifestyle management service. Whether it is behind the scenes support for your team or client facing and co-branded, the service supports client retention, strengthens client relationships and allows businesses to enhance their overall service proposition.



Our niche B2B consultancy, specialises in helping businesses better reach their target consumers. Our core services are creating effective client loyalty programmes to support client acquisition and retention. 


Separately, we consult businesses whose goal it is to develop an in-house client services department with full end-to-end management, from hiring, training to operations, marketing and service delivery.