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We offer PA support to busy individuals on a flexible and remote basis.





How Are We Different?

We provide a trusted and reliable point of contact for all of your lifestyle needs, who will get to know you and your priorities

We offer short term and long term solutions: By The Hour or Monthly Subscriptions

No annual commitment required

We have strong connections and relationships with many brand partners so our clients receive the best service

Service quality is unparalleled with insider knowledge from years of experience in the industry



Thank you so much for helping me running up to my wedding, you helped take a huge amount off my plate which made the whole experience so much more enjoyable.
— Jessica, Interior Designer
My experience working with Equatelier was absolutely seamless. From start to finish the attention to detail was outstanding and no stone was left unturned in terms of the level of research and that I was presented with whenever I asked a question. When I did ask questions (of which there were many at all times of day and night) I always had the speediest response with zero sense of frustration that I had probably asked the same question a thousand times previously. I genuinely felt that I was working with a close friend as opposed to an employee.
— Daisy, PR
Equatelier is my go-to! They are there as and when I need them, I used to have a full time PA but this is much better value. We also love the health and wellness offers!
— John and Flick
A huge weight off my shoulders and believe it or not, my stress levels have gone down, thank you for all your help!
— Nancy, Mother of Two
My girlfriend and I have just come back from a two week holiday Equatelier helped us book. On our way home we needed our fridge stocked and a last minute car transfer. Not only did our PA do this for us, but we also requested for champagne on ice for when we arrived home as we were celebrating our engagement. Amazing and couldn’t have done it without them!
— James, Private Banking
Someone I can truly trust and rely on, thank you for sorting my life out!
— Louis, Lawyer