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Equatelier is about being flexible, convenient and simple to use. 

We offer different ways for you to become a client. You can pay by the hour or by monthly subscription depending on how long you need the service for.

So you get the most out of the service, we would suggest either a meeting or phone consultation to discuss your daily lifestyle, priorities, short and long term requirements and general interests so the service is tailored according to what you need it for.

Once you have signed up and paid for the service, you can start placing personal assistance requests straight away.

Signing up to Equatelier provides you access to:

•Direct contact to your Personal Assistant to manage your requests

•A complimentary personal training and holistic life coaching session

•A dedicated email and phone number

•For subscription services, 5 hours of PA time per week but we can increase if you need more

•Access to perks, value add amenities and preferential rates



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